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  Hilti Dustless Concrete Saw with Hepa Vacuum Attachment  

Hilti Dustless Concrete Saw with Hepa Vacuum Attachment

This saw is capable of cutting a concrete slab up to 5'' thick.  It is not gasoline powered, but electric so there is no carbon monoxide fumes or residual odors.  It contains 95% of dust without the use of water.

The Concrete Edge is now offering indoor concrete cutting and concrete removal for all residential and commercial dwellings.

We eliminate dust and carbon monoxide by using the Hilti Dustless Concrete Saw with Hepa Vacuum Attachment.

We offer full service removal of concrete, asphalt, hauling of any solid materials, lot grading and skid steer services.  Estimates are typically based on square footage.  Please call for a free estimate.

Why Proper Cutting and Removal of Concrete is Important.

In the construction industry, silica dust is everywhere. Some of the most prevalent areas where youíll find silica dust are when working with concrete, stone, masonry and drywall. OSHA has taken data from decades of research on worker exposure to silica dust and made the determination that the current permissible exposure limit(or PEL) is no longer sufficient. So to help increase worker safety OSHA has proposed a new PEL for silica that will significantly lower worker exposure. This of course comes at a price and that price is stricter controls on operations that produce silica dust.

According to OSHA silica dust exposure can significantly increase the risk of lung cancer, silicosis, and non-malignant respiratory disease (NMRD) as well as autoimmune and renal disease.

When materials like concrete or masonry are ground, cut or polished, they produce large amounts of dust. Anyone who has done any of these procedures can tell you about the large clouds of dust that will come off a tool being used on concrete. The thing most people donít realize is that although the cloud is messy and not very pleasant itís not that dust that is really the biggest health risk. Itís the almost microscopic dust that you canít see that can hang in the air long after the cloud has cleared. The reason the microscopic dust presents such a risk is that the small particles can travel deep in to the lungs and stay there. This is because theyíre too small for the body to process out and big enough to irritate the tissue deep in the lungs, which is believed to be the cause of most of the health problems related to silica dust.  

Professional Indooor Concrete Cutting by The Concrete Edge

We are now providing a healthy way to cut and remove indoor concrete by using the Hilti Dustless Concrete Saw with Hepa Vacuum Attachment.

Call us or email us for an estimate on your next concrete cutting job.

Indoor concrete cutting and concrete removal in Denver, Parker, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, and Centennial.